The world of tote!

The fashion world is ever evolving as it rapidly changes, demanding us to keep up our pace with it. Accessories, particularly, bags are one item which are constantly updated, with newer designs and styles flooding the market every now and then. It is indeed important to keep us in line with these so as to remain “in” and “happening”.
Tote bags are certainly the new fashion, the “it” thing as classified by many bloggers and stylists.  They are longer in shape, with a huge packing space to accommodate travelers, working people, students or simply just anyone! Particularly, tote bags are available in colorful and vibrant designs. Most popular and appreciated designs in these bags include exotic floral prints, random abstract designs, colorful geometric patterns or artistic scenic landscapes. These unique and beautiful design patterns surely make these tote bags a must possession by all ladies!

While tote bags are commonly carried by women to different places and occasions, these comfortable yet stylish bags have more utility to them than what meets the eye. Today, they are being widely used by many for home decoration and interior designing purposes. This is steadily becoming a thumping sensation, as more and more people are becoming accustomed to the trending fashion of using tote bags for home décor. Thus, usage of these distinctive bags is highly employable, where their placement is being appreciated at centre tables, side tables, console tables, corners etc. More importantly, they are not only being used in living rooms and bedrooms but also drawing and ball rooms.

The eccentric color palettes and patterns used in the designing of these tote bags are gradually catching fire. They are being replicated in smaller and larger sizes, along with custom made sizes. This further contributes to the popularity of the tote bags as smaller ones can easily be placed in bedrooms casually, whereas the larger ones are strategically placed in living rooms. They are surely a pleasure to the seeing eye!
The tote bags, publicly termed as totes, are advantageous in many ways. They are easy to carry, contain ample space and have durable and strong inner material which does not wither away easily. These exceptional qualities of tote bags are praiseworthy. It demonstrates that they are not only trendy and fashionable but have the ability of being usable and sustainable in time.

Totes are the surely the “it” thing now. Many interior designers are accommodating them in their home designs. They are also now clearly visible and a recurring theme in most fashion magazines! Furthermore, they are also side by side gaining momentum, as celebrities and fashion stylists have begun to endorse this new trending style of bags. All this has greatly heightened tote bags’ hype. It has become an attractive possession; one that everyone wishes to possess. Now, more and more brands are entering the market; ready to cater to the overwhelming demand of tote bags. This is not surprising. Totes, like all bags, are a raging accessory. It is no wonder that they are the talk of town everywhere!

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Mar 17, 2015

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