The atrangee stitch!

Our process of manufacturing of bags comprises of various detailed and meticulous stages; each of which contribute greatly towards the finish and outlook of the final product. This unique and distinct manufacturing method and procedure enables our bags to be ranked as exceptional and matchless in their own way.

The making of the bag from our end immensely focuses on the inner side. We proudly make use of Cordura Nylon 1000D as the inside lining of the bags. This material is generally accredited for being strong and resistant and does not get affected or damaged easily. Moreover, it is a highly tensile material which enables the bag to be flexible yet firm in strength. This inside lining of the bag makes the bag more durable and sustainable as its inner material does not wither away in due time. Therefore, we are careful and prudent in choosing the right material for your perfect and easy use.

On the other hand, our bags are manufactured well on the outside as well. We understand that most bags experience wear and tear because of excessive exposure to air, water, sunlight and heat. These adverse factors affect the face and durability of the bag; thus reducing its finesse and charm. However, our bags are not of the usual kind!
We ensure that the outer material is high rated in strength and toughness; thus extending the lifespan of bags as compared to other trending bags. We employ rugged polyester, which is binding and strong in nature, much like the Cordura Nylon 1000D. This wise selection of the outer material attributes to our bags an essential characteristic: longer life! Isn’t that what we all need after all?

Moreover, our bags also incorporate threads from Coats polyester threads, which is widely known as the world’s largest thread making company. These threads are pure and resilient in character, coupled with rich in color. These threads are a commendable input to the making of our bags, as these fine threads ensure the overall final look of the bag. We use
YKK Zippers in all our products to provide strength and durability. Crafted by skilled and professional workers, our bags are a class of their own. It would be unfair and useless to compare our bags with others; as the strenuous manufacturing process of our bags results in the finest creations.
More importantly, we produce bags on custom based order only. Therefore, we refrain from unnecessary mass production as each bag is produced for the individual who ordered it. This enhances our dedication and commitment towards preserving individuality and uniqueness of our bags as each bag is predominantly manufactured differently in design and style. This is attributed to our special sewing machines; which are highlighted as the best in the world. We believe that each bag should be manufactured as per the orderer’s instructions pertaining to his style, taste and color scheme. This leads to a new, never seen before bag every time!

As each bag is produced for the intended owner, we demonstrate a sense and insight towards waste excess and its respective reduction and eventually elimination. We believe each bag should be manufactured for one person; thus ensuring that waste products are minimized and customer and ourselves are satisfied!

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Your bags are great. I have been using your totes for the past 2 years. Especially the green one with the dancing figures. Your bags are durable, washable and what not. I can pack any quantity of items when i travel. Love your bags. Have become addicted to your brand. Paisa wasool!!!!

Nov 26, 2015

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