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Bags have become a must carry accessory for most people today, be it the ladies or even men. It is not just another trending accessory, but one which brings along a range of advantages. Bags are essential for load carrying, from daily use to working regimes. This demonstrates that you must have a matching bag for every role. That is why, presently, a wide variety of bags are available; each serving their own purpose. One such type is of messenger bags.

Messenger bags entered the fashion world with a bang! They defied the usual ethics and style of a traditional bag and highlighted that a “changed” design and style works absolutely well. Primarily, messenger bags are worn cross body and are labelled as a casual wear. They are typically worn on bike rides, schools routes etc., and are known for their quick and easy access. They are available in colorful and vibrant designs; from floral to leather and abstracts. Moreover, their distinct color palettes and easy to wear look appeals to all. All these contribute to the current popularity of messenger bags.

Messenger bags are also highly appreciable because of their refined finishing look, which enhances their finesse and beauty. Additionally, while the outlook is immensely attractive and alluring, the inside lining and material, basically nylon, is also resistant and lasts for a long term. These inside and outside features embellish messenger bags as a hot favorite amongst young and ages users, all alike.

Although these bags are mostly used for casual and daily routines, such as keeping smartphones, notepads and stationery; they are now also being rigorously employed by the working class in their day to day activities. For instance, now most working women wear messenger bags to carry files and important documents. On the other hand, the male working force is also leaning towards using messenger bags by carrying their office documentation and even laptops. This shows that messenger bags have indeed gripped its intended customers and is remarkably becoming a raging sensation.

Yet, the use of messenger bags may be short-lived and not as extensive as it seem so. While their use and attractiveness is surely undeniable, it is still debatable whether messenger bags can beat the casual look they possess and be easily integrated in formal and professional curriculums. For example, it is difficult to wonder how these messenger bags can be carried in business meetings or job interviews. They do give off a rather casual vibe. For many, it may be looked upon with disapproving looks as it does not entirely fit into the professional work environment. In the same way, use of messenger bags is also limited in formal gatherings such as dinners and balls. A lady would definitely avoid wearing a cross body messenger bag at a dance! These circumstances represent the limitedness of messenger bags. Therefore, inspite of their very appealing look, messenger bags are not best suited for some of our critical life events.

Nevertheless, messenger bags are gaining momentum day by day. They are seen being worn by people from all walks of life. It is definitely catching fire and this fashion is here to stay!

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